Mike "The Fireman" Fuss of Madison, Wisconsin.  Lives in Old Fire Station #8 on Madison's Northeast side.  He has played in bands for 35 years.  Lead singer and has been playing steel guitar since 1984.  Former bands-Country Bumpkins, Ghost Riders, The Firemen, Thunderoad, Hot Walker, CW Express and Caddy and Company.  Served Madison Fire Department for 31 years.  Retired in 2000.  He enjoys fishing, playing softball, cooking, being a board member for the Milwaukee Braves Historical Association,  being involved with Firefighters local 311, Madison, publishing the Madison Fire Dept. Old Timers newsletter, model fire engines. model fire stations and model trains ( and the real big trains too). Favorite Country and Western singers Charley Pride and Johnny Cash (Specializing in Johnny Cash songs.  Mike loves doing them and he sounds like Johnny too! You won't be disappointed).  Friend of Eddie Mathews baseball (hall of fame) player who played 3rd base for the Boston, Milwaukee and Atlanta Braves, then-also played with and managed home run king Hank Aaron.  Wrote song about Eddie Mathews after he died called The Brookfield Bomber. A nice two step ballad.  Ask Mike to sing it to you.  Loves and plays old Country and Western music.  Can do 50's and 60's rock and roll also.