Kenny Knoll, Mike Fuss, Ron Aaroen, Pedro Pena


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For bookings or contact:  Mike Fuss (608) 244-6732 or e-mail mfuss@tds.net


VFW  Madison, Susanna Bar Manager  (608) 221-9326      Fisherman's Luck,  Wisconsin Dells,  John or Sandy,   (608) 254-8082.     Doubledays  Cottage Grove   Gary or Debbie  (608) 839-5101

Mike "The Fireman" Fuss of Madison, Wisconsin.  Lives in Old Fire Station #8 on Madison's Northeast side.  He has played in bands for 40 years.  Lead singer and has been playing steel guitar since 1984.  Former bands-Country Bumpkins, Ghost Riders, The Firemen, Thunderoad, Hot Walker, CW Express and Caddy and Company.  Served Madison Fire Department for 31 years.  Retired in 2000.  He enjoys fishing, playing softball, cooking, being a board member for the Milwaukee Braves Historical Association,  being involved with Firefighters local 311, Madison, publishing the Madison Fire Dept. Old Timers newsletter, model fire engines. model fire stations and model trains ( and the real big trains too). Favorite Country and Western singers Charley Pride and Johnny Cash (Specializing in Johnny Cash songs.  Mike loves doing them and he sounds like Johnny too! You won't be disappointed).  Friend of Eddie Mathews baseball (hall of fame) player who played 3rd base for the Boston, Milwaukee and Atlanta Braves, then-also played with and managed home run king Hank Aaron.  Wrote song about Eddie Mathews after he died called The Brookfield Bomber. A nice two step ballad.  Ask Mike to sing it to you.  Loves and plays old Country and Western music.  Can do 50's and 60's rock and roll also.  Come see the Cherokee band.  You'll love them.  "You are entering Cherokee Country"  Country and Western music the way you like it.

Pedro Pena is back as a member of the Cherokee band as the main drummer..  He started in February of 2005 and played till April.  Pedro has years of experience on drums.  He also plays harmonica and sings.  He sounds so much like Freddy Fender that you wouldn't believe it wasn't him.  Ask him to sing some Freddy Fender songs.  He'll be glad to do it for you.  Pedro played  with Al Dykstra for many years and also with Swing shift.  He has also played in other bands over the years.  His great personality and voice are a treasured trademark.  Pedro will be playing with us all he can.  Welcome back Pedro!  It's great to have you with us.

Ron Aaroen is our newest member of the Cherokee band and will be playing Bass. He hails from Mc Farland WI, he has been playing since 1972.  He Started with Country Outlaws and has played with the following Bands: High Riders, Funky Country. Storm River Band, Bobby Bullet Band, Kathy West Band, Dick Sorenson Band, Sherry Rhae & Side Saddle and Classic Country.  He has also play for a short while with Dave Duddly.  Ron has many friends in the Madison area and says he is going enjoy playing with the Cherokee.  Mike welcomes Ron to the Band and hopes to have a long and enjoyable time making music with Him

Kenny Knoll has been playing music for 45 years.  He is one of the best steel and lead player in and around Wisconsin.  He has played behind many Grand Ole Opry Stars over the years such as: Charley Pride, Carl Smith, Jan Howard, The Browns etc.  He excels in all of the songs he plays.  He is a very gifted talent.  Ask him to play foggy mountain breakdown.  You won't believe it.  He's very laid back,  loves to play, have fun and mixes very well with a crowd.  It is a real pleasure to sing and play along side Kenny or just watch him.  We are very honored to have him.  He'll be playing with us when he can.  Come out and see and meet him. 




Sunday Ducks Crossing Hwy 18&Y Jefferson WI 1:30-5:30


Sunday American Legion Stoughton WI 2:00-6:00



Sunday American Legion Stoughton WI 1:00-5:00



 Sunday American Legion Stoughton WI 1:00-5:00



Sunday American Legion Stoughton WI 2:00-6:00