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Following is a couple of articles taking from the Juneau County Messenger.

1/24/08 Messenger

Simply JP calls Hustler home

By Eva Marie Woywod

What does Hustler Wisconsin and the Grammy Awards have in common? The answer is simple, well Simply JP that is. JP Olson may be somewhat new to Wisconsin, and Hustler, but is veteran when it comes to the music industry and this appears to be the year where everyone is taking notice.

JP, a newlywed of less than one year, came to Hustler when she and longtime resident Wayne Olson tied the knot back on July 1st of last year. In the short time JP has called Hustler home, she has interwoven herself into the fabric of the community, and they have welcomed her to do so.

Active in her church and Hustler community, JP has also brought to the Wisconsin area her talent in teaching others how to perfect their singing voice with the Simply JP Sing-Sing Workshop. While JP has been conducting the workshops for many years now, Wisconsin singers are just now experiencing the magic that can happen when they attend.

This past weekend New Lisbon was just the case, as JP held one of the workshops at the Traveler's Inn. Attending the workshop were singers from all over the state, including some from JP's own church choir. JP gave them her background and thought them little secrets on how to make the best of their voice, and while many of the attendees were strangers to one another, within the first two hours of the workshop their voices melded and one would have thought they had been practicing and performing for many years together as a group.

It takes a special person, and a special talent to help guide others with their own unique gifts, and JP appears to be to have that calling. JP in her own right is an accomplished entertainer and recording artist and while she has sung back up for artists like John Denver, Michael Bolton, Ann Murray, and Billy Ray Cyrus just to name a few; she has also found success being the headliner.

JP will be the first to tell you music is in her blood. Having grown up in a family surrounded by talented musicians, it was no surprise that in the 7th grade she won a talent show singing Harper Valley PTA. That was just one of the many small steps that have lead to a life of music, music which she sings from her heart and soul and most importantly with pride of who she is and in her faith.

Growing up in Las Vegas and Nashville it is no wonder that Country music is a favorite of hers. That along with a well grounded faith, Gospel music flows from her being. Just recently JP found out that her latest Gospel CD, Just as I am; Favorite Hymns of Faith , is getting recognized, and has been nominated for the DOVE Awards.

The DOVE Awards is one of Gospel music's biggest nights. Held in the Nashville's Grand Ole Opry House, this years event will take place on April 23rd. JP says she is "honored" by the nomination. Now one would think that's enough to fill an entertainer's year, but JP is also preparing to attend the next month's Grammy Awards as a CD she's sung on has also been nominated for best producer. The CD is the soundtrack from the motion picture Across the Universe, and JP's song on it is Two Who Do Believe. If the CD wins, the award statue will go to the producers, Elliott Goldenthal, and Tessa Gohl however JP is looking forward in attending the ceremony.

While all this preparation goes on, JP is also getting ready to go on tour to New Zealand and Australia. While there not only will she performing, but will also be conducting some of her workshops.

With such a busy schedule ahead of her, it's no wonder she finds serenity in coming home to rural Hustler. JP will admit it did take some getting use to, but the quiet simple life that Hustler provides has a way of calming her and keeping her grounded. "The people are so warm and friendly. I felt welcomed right away." JP added that she loves to witness the change in the seasons that Wisconsin offers.

It would take a full issue of the Messenger just to summarize all accomplishments and the roads that lead her to where she is today, from her surge in the 80's to being married James Austin, one of the Platters, who passed away from a battle with cancer on Christmas Eve 2005, perhaps the name she goes by sums it up the best; she is who she is, and has done what she has, because she is Simply JP.


3/6/08 Messenger

Simply JP volunteers her time to the next generation in New Lisbon

By Eva Woywod

The New Lisbon choir students have been busy preparing for the March 4th Music Festival being held this week at Royall School District in Elroy. Last week the choir students received a little help from a friend, international recording artist and resident of Hustler, JP Olson.

Olson, who is also known as Simply JP, stopped by the school to lend her musical talents and offered to teach the students some of the techniques she presents at music workshops to aspiring vocalists.

Olson who has recently returned from attending the Grammy Awards is preparing to attend the DOVE Awards in Nashville next month. She is also getting ready for a three-month tour of Australia and New Zealand. Olson volunteered the time she spent with the New Lisbon choir students.